Ooopsies — Fully Vax’d Apartheid Choir Concert Ends in Substantial COVID-19 Outbreak

Where narratives go to die!

A choir concert in Germany that allowed only fully vaccinated or recovered people to attend, banning those who are unvaccinated but could provide a negative test, resulted in a COVID-19 outbreak that infected at least 24 people.

The concert, which took place in Freigericht (Main-Kinzig), operated under 2G rules, meaning only the fully vaccinated and those who can prove they recovered from COVID were allowed to attend.

This meant that people who could literally prove they didn’t have COVID-19 on the door by showing a negative test were barred from entering.

German news outlet Hessenschau reports, “More people were infected than previously known: As the district announced on Tuesday afternoon, at least 24 people tested positive. Previously, it was assumed that 18 participants and guests were infected, but it had not been ruled out that even more people were infected.”

“The event took place according to 2G rules. That means that only those who had been vaccinated and those who had recovered were admitted,” the report adds.

In other words, the outbreak occurred at an event where the vast majority of attendees were fully vaccinated.

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