“Othering” Christians is the Path to Persecution

The media has pushed this take to the point where polls indicate 20% of registered voters said the religiously based nationalism was a “critical threat” and 27% said it was an “important but not critical threat.” That’s 47% who believe Christians are a threat. To be clear, they’re talking about anyone who is Christian and conservative.

When half the country sees Christianity as a threat, where do we go from there? Because the fact is, the left sees Christians as a threat because they are. The left well understands that Christianity is opposed to their radical ambitions. 

At the heart of this debate is a question as to whether God created us or are we accidents of randomness in uncaring space? Is life sacred? Is gender real? Do individuals have God given rights or are liberties something the government allows?

These are not unimportant questions. For a culture to survive, its people must agree on certain premises. We no longer have agreement. We no longer speak the same language. We no longer can even agree on what the term “life” or “human” means.

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