Over Half-a-Million Unboosted Austrians Set to have Vaxx Pass Revoked

You Are never more than a few months from joining the unwashed.

550,000 unboosted people are at risk of having their vaccine passes revoked as Austria prepares to change the rules surrounding eligibility.

From February 1, over half-a-million people in Austria are at risk of losing their vaccine passes, a valuable document needed to access a wide variety of services in the country. In a country of just nine million people, the number of individuals involved in the change is a considerable one.

The change of policy means the grace period for fully jabbed individuals to get boosted is being lowered from nine to six months for all over-18s.

As a result, 490,000 people are set to lose their passes, with a further 60,000 having already been on schedule for their documents to be revoked under the previous nine-month limit, according to Kronen Zeitung.