Pound Sand — NYC begs for volunteer firefighters from LI and Upstate as close to one-third of FDNY staff remain unvax’d

NYC has issued a state-wide call for firefighters from both Long Island and Upstate New York as one-third of city firefighters remain unvaccinated ahead of the November 1 deadline, leaving 26 firehouses shuttered.

About 72 percent of FDNY workers have been vaccinated ahead of the November 1 deadline, meaning that up to 4,000 workers may be terminated from the department.

The message was sent through email as nearly 350 potential volunteer firefighters were tagged.

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‘Good morning all,’ the email read. ‘We need to start identifying members of the service who are active volunteer firemen in both Long Island and Upstate counties in anticipation of the impending shortage for the FDNY due to COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

‘On a voluntary only basis operations is looking to have qualified members on standby to backfill firehouses if necessary.

‘Please get back to me as soon as possible with rank, years of fire service and training qualifications.’


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