Prosecution Fail — A detailed breakdown of day 2 of the Rittenhouse trial.

Today’s long day of trial proceedings was largely a tiresome affair, as the state prosecutors continued to appear unable to extract from their witnesses any substantive evidence inconsistent with Kyle’s legal defense of self-defense. That said, there were a couple of real highlights of the day, as well, so we’ll focus on those in tonights’ end-of-day summary and analysis.

This ought to be troublesome to them, considering that the state bears the burden of disproving self-defense beyond any reasonable doubt, and even the charges of recklessness are going to only more difficult if Kyle’s actual shooting of three people is found by the jury to be legally justified.

I will, of course, share my notes on even the more tiresome parts of the day, but rather than starting this end-of-day wrap-up chronologically, I’ll instead start with the two parts of the day that were the exceptions to the tedium.

And for certain the highlight of the day was the cross-examination by Defense Attorney Mark Richards of state’s witness Detective Martin Howard, the lead police investigator on the Rittenhouse case for the Kenosha Police Department. Indeed, this cross-examination was interesting both in certain specific details as well as generally.

In fact, if you watch no other of the embedded videos of today’s proceedings, I urge you to watch that cross-examination of Detective Howard in its entirety. Even better news is that it’s not done yet, we’ll have more of Attorney Richards cross-examining Detective Howard first thing tomorrow morning.

The second interesting part of the day occurred when ADA Binger attempted to inject a considerable quantity of hearsay into the court’s proceedings. We’ll discuss that in greater detail, as well.

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