REPORT: CIA Admits That Agents Are Going Missing At Alarming Rate

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recently sent a cable to its personnel throughout the world informing them that a large number of foreigners recruited as informants had been killed or captured, the New York Times reported Tuesday.

The cable detailed how many CIA agents had been killed by foreign agencies in recent years, according to the New York Times. It also reportedly covered the numerous problems that the CIA had been experiencing as of late when trying to recruit informants.

These issues ranged from miscalculating the capabilities of rival spy networks to inadequate spying techniques, according to the Times. CIA agents would reportedly hire informants without thoroughly investigating them to see how susceptible the latter were to opposing counterintelligence activities.

Case officers were also told in the cable to concentrate on security measures, such as conducting examinations of potential informants’ backgrounds, according to the NYT. The CIA reportedly still relies on informant networks for intelligence, and former CIA agents have said that case officers can receive promotions based on the amount of informants they recruit.

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