Rocky Road — Ben & Jerry’s blasted for spreading misinformation about Kyle Rittenhouse

Progressive ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s dished out misinformation about Kyle Rittenhouse, plus completely invented a hypothetical scenario regarding the controversial shooting to racialize the powderkeg court case. The Vermont-based woke ice cream purveyor was called out for spreading a false narrative online.

The Rittenhouse shooting has absolutely nothing to do with race since the shooter and all of those who were shot were white men. Without a racial angle to exploit, Ben & Jerry’s dreamt up a completely hypothetical situation out of thin air that never actually happened to bring race into the picture.

“The #RittenhouseTrial displays yet again that our ‘justice’ system is racist,” the ice cream brand wrote on Twitter. “How would this trial be going if he was a Black 17 yr old that crossed state lines illegally carrying an AR-15 and shot 3 white protesters?”

The Rittenhouse trial is still ongoing and no verdict has been handed down yet, but that didn’t stop the Ben & Jerry’s from tweeting, “We need real justice in the legal system. This isn’t it.”

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