School District Retreats After Calling Students Privileged if they’re Christian, Straight, Or Male.

A California school district reportedly went into damage control mode after the Daily Signal called it out for lessons that told high school students they are the beneficiaries of privilege if they are Christian, male, or straight.

What are the details?

The Desert Sands Unified School District in La Quinta, which is in Riverside County, said it was taking “corrective” measures after the lessons came to light, the outlet said.

“The lesson was not in alignment with the district-adopted curriculum” and “actions are being taken to rectify the situation,” the district told the Daily Signal in a statement, adding that “the teacher was operating outside the scope of [the] adopted curriculum and had potentially presented a biased position. Corrective action is underway.”

The outlet said it hasn’t been able to identify which teacher used the lesson.

District parent Celeste Fiehler posted the lesson in the Facebook group Informed Parents of California after another parent told her about it, the Daily Signal said.

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