Shock Report: Now Illegal for Priest to Hear Confession outside of Church in Ireland

According to @oran_doyle of @tcddublin speaking on @RTENewsAtOne it is now a criminal offence for a priest even to hear Confession in a socially distanced way out of doors.


Things are rapidly escalating with this situation, primarily because the bishops were shocked that Micheal Martin didn’t bring it up in his meeting with the bishops last week.

On Newstalk yesterday, Stephen Donnelly indignantly denied claims by Gavin Reilly that he was ‘giggling’ when asked about the government’s cruel laws against religious people. Reilly quickly apologised and withdrew the suggestion without explaining what made him make the remark in the first place.

Now the Trinity College Law Professor who brought the story to people’s attentions has said on RTE that according to the statute, Confession that does not take place in a church is also illegal. One can meet a priest for a Krispy Kreme, but cannot have them hear one’s Confession if it is not within the church.

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