So Useless To Prevent Transmission? Vaccines Doesn’t Reduce Peak Viral Load When Infected With Delta Variant, UK Study Suggests

Those who caught the Delta Variant of the CCP virus after being fully vaccinated carry a similar level of peak viral burden with their unvaccinated counterparts, a new UK analysis suggests. This suggests that a vaccinated and an unvaccinated individual, while infected with the variant, would shed similar amounts of the virus at any given time during the peak of their illness. It’s in contrast with the results seen when the Alpha variant was dominant in the UK. “With Alpha, people with two doses had really low levels of virus,” Sarah, co-author of the Oxford University-led study, said. “When Delta started to come in, the first thing that happened was that the virus values went up and now we really don’t see any difference in the amount of virus people get if they get infected after vaccination,” the medical statistics and epidemiology professor said. Therefore, she added, if a fully vaccinated person does get infected, …

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