Supreme Court Green-Lights Six-Week Abortion Ban

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled early Wednesday to allow a Texas state law to take effect that opens the door for private citizens to sue abortion providers who perform the deadly operation after six weeks of pregnancy.

The high court’s ruling came in the form of a denial to consider an emergency petition filed by Texas abortion facilities to challenge the law, which had been set to go into effect in September. This also occurs as the justices prepare to hear a direct challenge to the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision later this year.

The Texas law, signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in May, gives citizens authority to file civil suits against those who carry out abortions after six weeks, with those found guilty forced to pay $10,000 to the plaintiff. According to NBC News, abortion facilities in Texas had already begun turning away pregnant women for September appointments as they prepared for the new law to take effect.

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