Supreme Court sits on potentially blockbuster abortion case

The Supreme Court is sitting on a petition in a Mississippi abortion case that could blow the lid off Roe v. Wade.

The case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, has been before the court since September without a word from the justices. It has been considered at the court’s conferences eight times and each time left on the table. That likely means that fewer than four justices so far have voted to take up the case. Another possibility is that the court has already rejected the case and one of the conservative justices is working on a dissent that will be released in one of the court’s orders list.

The lack of action at this point in either direction is surprising to some anti-abortion advocates, who, especially after former President Donald Trump’s administration appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the court, expected the court to weigh in on the controversial issue.

“We certainly hope the Supreme Court will take advantage of this opportunity to act — they cannot afford to punt on this issue any longer,” said Mallory Quigley, vice president of communications at the Susan B. Anthony List, one of the largest anti-abortion groups in the country.

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