Swiss approve new “suicide capsule” that can be printed in 3-D

This is what the technological revolution has brought us? Porn and death?

A 3D-printed “suicide capsule” has passed a legal review in Switzerland, potentially clearing the way for the technology to be put into use in the country’s legal assisted suicide clinics.

The Sarco capsule’s creator, Dr. Philip Nitschke, told Euronews Next that his aim was to allow anyone to download the design and print it themselves.

In the future, an AI screening process will allow Nitschke’s assisted dying advocacy organisation, Exit International, to “demedicalise” the dying process by removing the need for medical professionals to be involved, he said.

He told Euronews Next that an Exit International-commissioned review carried out by Swiss legal academic Daniel Hürlimann had confirmed that the Sarco did not break any regulations governing medical products, narcotics, dangerous chemicals or weapons.

The review also concluded that “assisting the suicide of a competent person by means of Sarco does not constitute an offence under the Criminal Code,” Hürlimann told Euronews Next via email.

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