The Cult — Archbishop of Brisbane Mark Coleridge Demands Priests Vax!

The Archbishop of Brisbane Mark Coleridge has issued a strongly worded ultimatum for all catholic priests within his diocese to be fully vaccinated by Dec. 15. Clergy failing to receive the jab will need to show cause or face immediate suspension, according to a letter obtained by The Australian. Despite recognising that vaccination was a “matter of personal choice” the religious leader said it was outweighed by obligations to COVID-19-related public health directives, workplace health and safety laws, and a “duty of care” to parishioners. “Clergy engaged in parish ministry must be close to people. In the circumstances of the pandemic, clergy engaged in pastoral ministry who are not doubly vaccinated put the faithful of the parish at risk. They present a risk to the faithful to whom they minister, as well as to their families,” Coleridge wrote in the letter. “Clergy not doubly vaccinated are failing in their duty …

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