The Culture of Death Kills Alta Fixsler

This should enrage you.

‘Alta was alive and breathed on her own for 90 minutes after her breathing tube was removed,” Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum wrote, stating the key fact as clearly as possible.

The United Kingdom wanted two-year-old Alta Fixsler, a severely disabled Hasidic girl, dead. The powers-that-be may not have put it that baldly, but they decided to end her life. Fixsler’s parents wanted to bring her to Israel. There were offers from American and Israeli hospitals to try experimental treatments. But the medical establishment and the judiciary decided they knew best.

“According to Jewish law, everyone has the right to hydration, nutrition, and respiration, and the removal of that breathing tube was tantamount to murder,” Rabbi Greenbaum wrote. “I can accept that others might have different views, yet how could contemporary society not reciprocally respect another perspective on what constituted Alta’s best interest?”

And this is exactly the problem. We are living in a supposedly tolerant era — but tolerant only of the views that are trending.

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