THE FBI AND THE STOLEN DIARY – What is really going on here?

The strangest news story of the last few days relates to multiple FBI raids on the homes of people associated with Project Veritas, including that of founder James O’Keefe. Those who were searched say that the agents were looking for information related to the alleged theft of a diary belonging to Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley, which the New York Times and other news sources have confirmed.

The diary dates to 2019, when Ashley was in a drug rehab facility. It left her possession under circumstances that are not clear. Someone offered it to Project Veritas, saying that Ashley had left it in a room at, if I understand correctly, the rehab facility. Ashley evidently maintains that it was stolen.

James O’Keefe says that Project Veritas looked into the matter but was unable to confirm the authenticity of the document. He says that he offered it to Ashley’s lawyers, but they wouldn’t take it, so he turned it over to law enforcement. In any event, Project Veritas never did anything to make its contents public.

The diary itself–photos of its pages–was published a year ago by an outfit called National File, but it drew little interest or attention. While Project Veritas was unable to confirm its authenticity, that question now has evidently been answered by the FBI.

I briefly scanned the diary. It contains Ashley’s name, and on its face is consistent with various known facts about her. It contains no serious bombshells about Joe, but it does make him and his family look bad in much the same way as Hunter Biden’s escapades (although without the financial corruption). I don’t recommend reading it and certainly would not myself publish it for any perceived news value. It is personal and highly embarrassing, obviously not meant for anyone else’s eyes.

But an FBI investigation? A year after the diary disappeared and was published? Since when is the alleged theft of a woman’s diary a federal crime? Let alone a federal crime that warrants investigation by the FBI?

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