The Left Wants You To Believe The Bible Is White Supremacist So They Can Force Evolution Down Your Throat

“Denial of Evolution Is a Form of White Supremacy” is Scientific American’s not-so-subtle way of saying this synonymous phrase: “The Bible is racist.”

It would be easy to dismiss the whole article as record-setting idiocy or editorial catfishing. After all, what editor at a magazine with “scientific” in the name green-lights an article arguing that the religion that worships a man born between Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq is “white supremacist”? There’s something more nefarious under the brainlessness, however, and we shouldn’t breeze past it.

This headline is just the latest in the left’s crusade not only to brand everything that challenges their worldview as racist, but also to grant scientific legitimacy to their race-baiting. This time, however, they’re aiming their fire straight at the heart of the scriptures on which Christians base their beliefs — and they aren’t trying to hide the reason why.

If they can convince you not only that your Donald Trump-voting Christian neighbor is a racist but that the Bible itself is the epitome of white supremacy, they can ban it from polite society and ostracize anyone who would defend it. Critical race theory is good. Jesus is bad. Now cough up your hard-earned tax dollars so we can teach that to your kids.

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