The Media Political Complex ‘Fact Checks’ Completely True Biden Clip

The Democrat-Media complex has been in overdrive trying to protect what remains of President Biden’s credibility and, thanks to collusion between the White House and the fact-checkers at PolitiFact, Townhall found itself in the crosshairs of a White House-triggered fact-check.

On Wednesday as President Biden spoke in Kansas City, Missouri, Townhall clipped and tweeted a portion of his remarks:

After the clip picked up steam on Twitter and was covered by our friends at Twitchy, Mike Gwin — the White House’s rapid response director — lashed out and baselessly accused Townhall of “lazy, deceptive, editing” that Gwin claims was done “to omit that the President was noting falling gas prices.” Except of course, that isn’t what happened.

In the clip Townhall tweeted, President Biden says “Nationally, prices are down seven cents a gallon,” meaning Gwin’s claim that the video was edited to omit the president noting falling gas prices is entirely false.

But after the Biden lackey made his false claim, PolitiFact conveniently decided to fact-check Townhall’s video, asking our team for an explanation and citing the White House as the source of their scrutiny.