The NEJM published a letter reporting that vaccine protection among 19k healthcare workers in San Diego went from 94%+ March through June to 65% in July.

Off a Cliff. From Alex Bererenson

It also reported vaccinated and unvaccinated people were just about as likely to be symptomatic (which means they probably had similar viral loads and risks of spreading the illness – and so much for vaccines protecting people from symptomatic disease).

Worse, the 65% figure probably OVERSTATES real vaccine effectiveness, for three reasons:

1) It includes some people who were vaccinated in March and April and were still at or close to peak protection.

2) Healthcare workers are relatively young and healthy and thus more likely to have a strong immune response.

3) This included many people vaccinated with Moderna, which has a higher dose and thus may last slightly longer than Pfizer.

Boosters today, boosters tomorrow, boosters forever!


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