The New Tyranny — California County Req’s All Employed to Report Vax Status!

All Businesses and Gov’t entities in Santa Clara County, California are required to submit vaccination status of all employees.


What should businesses and governmental entities do to determine vaccination status of their workers?
Businesses and governmental entities must determine whether each of their employees (and any contractors or volunteers working in their facilities) is fully vaccinated or not. Businesses and governmental entities must have a record for each staff member reflecting that person’s vaccination status. The record may document a business’s or governmental entity’s review of documentation establishing vaccination status (e.g., the employee’s vaccine card), or the employee’s completed Certification of Vaccination Status. A template Certification of Vaccination Status is available here.

I have a worker who won’t tell me whether they are vaccinated? What do I do?
You must document that the worker declined to disclose his or her vaccination status, assume that they are not fully vaccinated, and follow all the rules that apply to workers who are not fully vaccinated.

What is the deadline for determining the vaccination status of my workers?
You must request and document the vaccination status of all personnel no later than June 1, 2021. For workers who were not fully vaccinated or declined to disclose their vaccination status, you are required to request updated vaccination status every 14 days thereafter (e.g., June 15, June 29, July 13, etc.).


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