The Other China Virus, Oppression.

Hong Kong officials warned Monday that it may soon ban individuals who choose not to receive a Chinese coronavirus vaccine from nearly all major public venues, including restaurants, schools, movie theaters, and performance venues.

Hong Kong received international praise for promptly securing enough doses of two different kinds of Chinese coronavirus vaccines – the Chinese-made “Coronavac” by Sinovac Biotech and the vaccine produced by the American company Pfizer – for its entire population. Hong Kong residents have largely avoided vaccination, however, in large part due to concerns that Coronavac is unsafe or ineffective.

On Monday, officials suggested it may soon rely on those same businesses to do the opposite: punish unvaccinated individuals by depriving them of access to their services. According to Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), Hong Kong Health Secretary Sophia Chan listed “restaurants, schools, student hostels, constructions sites, libraries, museums, cinemas, and performance and sports venues” as places that may soon require vaccination to enter.

“Chan also said those who haven’t been vaccinated may not benefit from other concessions, such as shorter quarantine periods if they’re found to be a close contact of a [Chinese coronavirus] patient,” RTHK added. It noted that Lam, also addressing the public Monday, attempted to soften the blow of the potential new conditions by asserting that no individual who falls into high-risk categories for severe vaccination side effects would be subject to the restrictions.


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