They’ll Never Do It — GOP considers shutting down government over vax mandate

Several Republicans are considering shutting down the government if the next funding bill includes money for federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Fox News Digital exclusively obtained a letter signed by a growing number of Republicans, led by Rep. Chip Roy of Texas, pledging to pull support from government funding legislation that includes language giving funds for vaccine mandates.

The current funding for the federal government will expire mid-February, meaning Congress will have to pass a continuing resolution or appropriations legislation to keep the lights on.

Roy told Fox News Digital in a Tuesday statement that he and his colleagues are “going to find out” whether the Republicans will “unite” and “pledge not to fund these mandates.”

“Most Republicans say that vax mandates are tyrannical and foolish, but will they unite before government funding expires on Feb. 18 to pledge not to fund enforcement of these mandates?” Roy asked.

“Will at least 10 of the 19 GOP senators who voted to punt last time now stand up for health care workers or not?” he continued. “We’re going to find out.”