Toronto Catholic District School Board scraps oath to the Church’s Magisterium

To be fair, it could conflict with their fidelity to the culture.

Addressing the recent swearing in of a student trustee for the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), Trustee Mike Del Grande inquired about why the oath to the Teaching Magisterium was no longer present in the series of oaths required to be sworn in for the position.

Del Grande, who was a trustee from 1994 to 1998 and has been a trustee again since 2014, replied that the oath has been used “since forever” and that the justification that the oath was removed because it is “not in the [Education] Act” seems strange.

“Not everything is in the Act that our board does,” he noted.

“I’ve got grave concerns that we are really drifting [from the Catholic faith].”

After an attempt to continue voicing his concerns, the other members shut down Del Grande’s inquiry by saying Matthews had already adequately answered the question.

Del Grande has consistently come under fire by the board for defending and upholding the authentic Catholic faith.

Del Grande fought to keep the anti-Catholic LGBT agenda out of the school board, and was met with massive opposition from his fellow trustees, homosexual activists, and members of the provincial legislature.

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