Twitter Suspends Man For Saying Kyle Rittenhouse Did Nothing Wrong—After His Acquittal!!

Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong. So said a jury of his peers after weeks of witness testimony, a careful review of the video evidence, and Rittenhouse’s own dramatic appearance on the stand.

Twitter, however, reached a different verdict. In the exuberant hours after Rittenhouse’s acquittal, I tweeted the phrase “Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong” to my 10,000 followers. The tweet went viral, generating hundreds of retweets and thousands of likes. Included was a photo of my suspension, from a few days earlier, for saying the exact same phrase. I felt vindicated.

Twitter, however, got the last laugh. On Sunday morning, I woke up to another suspension for insisting that Rittenhouse was in the right. The first had been for 12 hours. This one is for seven days.

The cry of social media censorship feels tedious. It is obvious that Big Tech hates conservatives and will do everything in its power to quash dissent against the Biden regime. Of course. After all, the whole country watched the big tech monopolies deplatform the sitting president of the United States back in January.

Conservatives shouldn’t just shrug their shoulders in the face of overwhelming corporate opposition. Woke Tech shouldn’t win by default. Instead, right-wing resistance should grow clearer and more focused.

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