Tyranny Expands: International Air Transport Association announces development of COVID vaccine passport app

The International Air Transport Association, a trade association representing most of the world’s prominent airlines, announced Wednesday that a COVID vaccine passport app would be launched on the Apple platform in mid-April, which represents the first significant step toward the possible adoption of such a system by most of the world’s airlines. According to Reuters, the app will launch on the Android platform at an unspecified “later” date.

The app is designed to “speed up the check in process” by allowing travelers to import proof of their vaccination and/or negative COVID tests onto their phone in a format that can easily be scanned and verified by airline employees. According to Engadget, the app also contains a database of COVID travel restrictions that will alert passengers of what they will need before they fly somewhere. It also purportedly contains a “secure, encrypted channel” that will allow medical providers to send over vaccination and testing records securely.

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