UK Health Secretary RT refers to COVID passport skeptics as “crazies”

UK civil liberties and privacy group Big Brother Watch Director Silkie Carlo has criticized the country’s Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and MP Matt Hancock for retweeting a post by Mail on Sunday commentator Dan Hodges, who praised the NHS App.

In the tweet, Hodges appears delighted with the National Health Service (NHS) app, calling it amazing, complete with “cool” features like scanning one’s face and driver’s license – to reveal “everything”: medical records, including those related to Covid.

“I now want Covid passports just so I can use it (the app)…,” tweeted Hodges.

But Carlo, whose organization also says its goal is to roll back the surveillance state and protect people in the UK from unfair intrusion – noticed Hancock retweeting the post (referencing “crazies”) was disrespectful towards other MPs, many of whom come from his party, who have spoken out against Covid passports, and towards the anti ID-minded UK public.

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