UNICEF: Children Will Need Almost a Decade to Recover from Lockdowns

“In less than two years, 100 million more children have fallen into poverty, a 10 percent increase since 2019,” UNICEF, a U.N. agency that provides humanitarian and developmental aid to poor children globally, wrote on December 9.

The report included a call to “resume in-person learning” for school-aged children, millions of whom have been affected by ongoing coronavirus lockdowns that either shut down local schools or prohibit in-person classes.

“By September 2021, schoolchildren around the world have lost an estimated 1.8 trillion hours of in-person learning due to COVID-related school closures, which will have profound long-term, unequal social and economic effects,” UNICEF revealed.

Jean Gough, UNICEF regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, warned in March 2021 that “children and adolescents [in Latin America] have been out of the classroom longer than any other boy, girl or adolescent in the world” due to coronavirus lockdowns.

UNICEF collected health data from​ 191 countries by May 2021 indicating that “reopening schools does not represent a health risk,” Infobae reported at the time.

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