Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life Pushes Child Vax Despite Documented Deaths Soon After Jab

Even though children have statistically insignificant risk from the disease.

Via Ed Pentin

The overall risk of children dying or becoming seriously ill from COVID-19 is extremely low, and yet the president of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life is lobbying for child vaccination, recently claiming that it is essential to ending the pandemic and “protects children from any, even if less frequent, serious consequence of COVID-19.”

Noting that health authorities in the US and Europe have given the go-ahead for inoculating children aged 5-11, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia told Crux Dec. 17 that even if children show no symptoms, they should be vaccinated as they can still spread the virus.

An academy statement on “Children and Covid” published Dec. 22 went so far as to say “the Vatican also considers the Covid vaccination over the age of five advisable” before the paragraph was removed by the Vatican Secretariat of State, according to a report by La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana. The Vatican nevertheless issued a statement the same day reaffirming its blanket support of vaccines as, quoting Pope Francis, an “act of love.”

And yet the vaccines have been shown to have proportionately higher adverse side effects for children and young adults, as well as failing to prevent transmission across all age groups and proving to be ineffective at preventing infection (see also here). This is especially true of the current mild yet highly contagious omicron variant.

For the Pontifical Academy for Life, however, this ineffectiveness is ignored as are any adverse side-effects from vaccination (the now-removed academy statement said the Vatican considered these side-effects “far less significant than the benefits obtained”).

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