Victoria Australia Goes Full Dictator — Grants Premier Draconian ‘Health’ Powers


The proposed laws were the focus of intense public debate over the past month, and central to a series of protest rallies in Melbourne’s CBD.

It comes after days of debate, weeks of huge protest, vocal public discontent and a marathon sitting that lasted 21 hours to pass several amendments.

Victoria will be the first state in Australia to have pandemic specific legislation.

The sweeping powers handed to the Andrews’ government include the ability to bring in new restrictions at will and are backed by extraordinary fines for non-compliance, including:

$21,909 FINE: For breaching a pandemic order, such as not wearing a mask, breaking a movement limit, attending an illegal protest or a gathering, refusing to get tested or failing to show identification
$90,870 FINE: For aggravated offences and breaches that ’cause a serious risk to the health of another individual’ such as going to work when infectious
$109,044 FINE: For businesses breaking rules, including failing to make sure customers check-in or show proof of vaccine status
$454,350 FINE: For an ‘aggravated’ offence by a business such as encouraging customers to flout lockdown rules
The parts of the Bill that have caused the most concern to QCs and human rights advocates remain unchanged.

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