While Holocaust Survivors Denounce Resurgent Nazi Medical Ethics, David Frum Channels Himmler at Posen

An amazing piece by John Zmirak.

Remember that the COVID vaccines being forced on patients nationwide are technically, legally experimental. They are approved for use only under an emergency authorization. They have never been tested for safety, and Pfizer now demands that its testing records be kept secret for the next 75 years. Billion-dollar Big Pharma companies have been granted legal immunity from lawsuits by our government. Nor may we sue the government for forcing these experimental gene therapies on us. The choice isn’t ours, just the risk.

Every one of the vaccines currently in use was either developed or tested on cells from the organs of aborted babies. That ought to sear the conscience not just of every Christian but every decent human being with any respect for human life. Still worse, countless new abortions are being performed on children removed from the womb alive, to have their organs plucked out of their still-living bodies. All this to feed the beast of COVID medicine. David Daleiden exposed this, and The Stream has been one of the few outlets to write about it. See our painfully documented five part series on the use of baby organs to “humanize” mice for COVID experiments.

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