Who Else is “Below My Line?”

I’m sure you’ve all seen the video of the owner of the Golden State Warriors saying he doesn’t care about the Uyghurs in China who have been brutally enslaved and are being killed. He said “of all the things I care about they are below my line.”

I don’t care much about going after this guy. I’m not interested in cancelling him or demanding he be fired. He told the truth. It’s an ugly truth.

But he didn’t tell the whole truth. The Uyghurs are “below his line” because there’s money to be made in China. Let’s be clear. There are some pretty major incentives for him to place others below his line.

Those “below the line” are classified as those who shouldn’t be cared about.

In a godless universe, this is how it would be. Everyone takes care of themselves and only themselves. We, however, do not live in such a universe. And as Christians we do not get to cast anybody out, declare them inconsequential, or put them below our line.

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