With New Mask Guidance, CDC Once Again Needlessly Punishes Children

Societies and cultures are often judged by how they treat the weakest among them. In nothing are these judgments so justified as in the treatment of children. Just as parents who put their own comfort and safety above that of their children are harshly and rightfully scorned, so too should be societies that do so.

By this measure, Americans have much to be ashamed of in our fight against COVID. At every turn, our children have suffered so adults might feel more at ease.

If this was not already clear, and it certainly should have been, last week’s reversal of mask guidance by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was a blaring billboard graphically displaying this depravity. These scientists decided vaccinated adults and teenagers are now to be rewarded with a mask-free existence.

Who does that leave behind? Who must still cover their mouths and noses? Children younger than 12. Once it was said they should be seen, not heard. Now they should not even be seen.

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