Wow! Teachers Union Head Admits She Wrote Rule on Keeping Schools Closed. #Science!!!

Because when I’m looking to the science I always call the head of the teacher’s union.

​Randi Weingarten, the head of the American Federation of Teachers, admitted that the Biden administration asked her union for “language” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could use in creating guidelines on school reopenings.

Asked about The Post’s expose on how the powerful teachers union​ influenced the ​administration’s decision on when and how to reopen schools, Weingarten said the union indeed gave the Biden White House the input.

The Post reported that the union’s desires were included nearly verbatim in the guidelines.

“They asked us for language, and we gave them language when they asked us for it,” Weingarten said during an interview on CSPANs “Washington Journal.”

“But if you look at the public record, I was saying these things, publicly, these kinds of things. So there’s nothing nefarious about doing this kind of work.”

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