Nearly 20 Percent Of Seattle Police Force Quits. Gee, Why’d That Happen?

Pardon me for asking but is less cops and more crime a recipe for success?

“The support that we had in my generation of policing is no longer there,” veteran Officer Clayton Powell told CBS News, concurring with Interim Police Chief Adrian Diaz’s assessment. More than 260 officers have quit the force since the beginning of last year.

Following the death of George Floyd, protests and riots erupted in Seattle. Amid radicals looting and attacking police, Seattle’s homicide rate spiked to a 26-year high. Nonetheless, the Seattle council attempted to slash the police department’s budget once more, but to no avail. During the particular uptick in crime, the number of deployable officers in the left-wing stronghold was about 1,200. This is the lowest since 1990.

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