Now Nicholas Sandmann reaches settlement with NBC

Documents filed Friday in a Kentucky federal court showed both sides agreed to dismiss the case without a judgment from the court, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

Sandmann became the center of attention after a viral confrontation between him and a Native American man named Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., after attending events associated with the March for Life with classmates from Covington Catholic.

Sandmann, wearing a “MAGA” hat, smiled at Phillips, an attendee of the Indigenous Peoples March who sang and played a drum in front of the teenager.

Video of the encounter led to a media firestorm, and the ensuing litigation highlighted the reporting as incorrectly portraying the teenager as the face of an unruly and racist mob.

The defamation lawsuit Sandmann filed against NBC Universal, which sought $275 million, said NBC “unleashed its vast corporate wealth, influence, and power against Nicholas to falsely attack him despite the fact that at the time, he was a 16-year-old high school student.”