All Charges Dropped Against Perth nurse accused of pretending to administer COVID-19 jab

The “anti-vaxxer” Perth nurse, who was accused of pretending to administer COVID-19 jab to a teenage patient, was accused of being dropped.

Christina Hartman Benz, 51, appeared in the Perth Magistrates’ Court for the second time since being charged with fraud on Tuesday morning, but was suspended by police prosecutors due to lack of evidence. rice field.

Christina Hartman-Benz, 51, was withdrawn from fraud because of lack of Thompson

Shortly thereafter, Ms. Hartman-Benz refused to leave the courtroom with her husband to comment on what happened or how she felt about the withdrawal of the indictment.

Ms Hartmann Benz is a registered nurse and was hired to administer the COVID-19 vaccine at a private medical center in St. James.

During her first appearance, police prosecutors alleged that Ms. Hartman-Benz sought approval to vaccinate her family and friends at the center on November 2.

However, he said, suspicions were raised when people continued to attend the center, asked for her by name, and closed the room doors “apparently against vaccination” for privacy reasons.

In early November, the father went to another respiratory clinic that worked that weekend with his 15-year-old child. One of the doctors insisted on witnessing to observe the injection.

The court was told that Ms. Hartmann-Benz tried to obscure the doctor’s view, disposed of the needle with the vaccine in place, and entered another doctor’s name as a jab in the clinic’s records.

Indictment was withdrawn against “anti-vaxxer” Perth nurse accused of pretending to administer COVID-19 jab

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