Biden Admin Blames Unicorn Omicron Variant for Supply Chain Woes

The Biden administration on Wednesday blamed the Omicron coronavirus variant for continued economic supply chain woes.

As many laborers decided to accept larger government checks in 2021 instead of participating in the economy, resulting in a nationwide labor shortage, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo told CNN Wednesday the Omicron variant could also negatively impact workers’ desire to return to work.

“I do worry, because we know people are afraid to go to work,” Raimondo said.

“Some portion of that is people are afraid to go to work,” she added. “In manufacturing facilities, people work in person, close together. And there have been outbreaks. We’ve had problems in places where people work close.”

“Every time we think we’re past it, there’s a new mask mandate,” she said broadly about the virus. “Every time we think we’re on our way, a new variant comes out. That creates a level of uncertainty.”

The market’s uncertainty is compounded by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who continued Wednesday to shift the goalposts of who the federal government will consider being “fully vaccinated.” Fauci left the door open for a booster shot to be factored into that definition.

Fauci has also downplayed the potential of the Omicron variant crossing into the United States at the southern border from illegal aliens. Yet Fauci is weighing a seven-day quarantine for travelers entering the United States legally.

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