Stupid Salvation Army Goes Woke and Now Broke — Donors Withdraw Support in Response to Racial ‘Wokeness’ Initiative

As The Salvation Army launches its Red Kettle Campaign this holiday season, some of its long-time donors are withdrawing their support from the 156-year old charitable organization citing its newly embraced “woke” ideology as the reason.

Of great concern to loyal supporters and faithful Salvationists is the initiative dubbed “Let’s Talk About Racism.” In a nutshell, its curriculum outlines the Christian church’s alleged racial collusion and provides action steps to analyze and combat racism through an “anti-racist” lens while incorporating Critical Race Theory.

Definitions of institutional and systemic racism are included while real or perceived differences in life outcomes (“inequities”) are attributable not to individual effort and other circumstances, but to discrimination. Sections address topics including police brutality, health care and Black unemployment linking such topics to “racial inequity.”

That’s troublesome for those who note The Salvation Army has been a leader in confronting racism long before the rest of the country and over five decades before the civil rights movement. And they’re asking why then should members of an organization built by the Christian faith to actually assist people of all races in need, be repentant of behavior they never perpetuated?

“In my estimation, CRT is a Trojan horse taking in well-intentioned Christian enterprises that—because they care about justice and oppose oppression—naively promote the most serious threat to biblical Christianity I have seen in 50 years,” wrote Christian apologist and radio talk show host Greg Koukl in a Facebook post earlier this month.

Entitled An Open Letter to The Salvation Army, Koukl prefaces the post by informing TSA that he is terminating his monthly donations and directing them to another organization. Koukl is also the founder and president of the Stand to Reason, a non-profit religious organization that “trains Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed defense for classical Christianity.”

“There is a massive number of academics—Black and white, Christian and non-Christian, atheist and theist—who have raised the alarm against the aggressive indoctrination and, frankly, bullying of CRT—not to mention the racial essentialism inherent in the view, the false witness it bears against virtuous people, and the general destruction it continues to wreak on race relations in this country. CRT has set us back 50 years,” he continued.

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3 thoughts on “Stupid Salvation Army Goes Woke and Now Broke — Donors Withdraw Support in Response to Racial ‘Wokeness’ Initiative

  1. That is so true. We have donated to SA for years and rang bells during Christmas. No once, did we care who the money went to help regardless of race. We ARE NOT racists and will not apologize!!! God created roses of all different colors but they are still roses. God created all of us in His likeness and we are all different colors, but we are still His creation. It is not what you look like, it is how you act. Shame on SA

    1. Good response to the stupidity of politicizing Salvation Army. They will never get another cent from me. They are dividing the races!

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