Where Narratives Go to Fail — 82%-Vaccinated Singapore Records Highest Daily Coronavirus Cases Yet

Singapore, which has a Chinese coronavirus vaccination rate of 82 percent, recorded its highest single-day increase in new locally transmitted cases of the virus Tuesday with 3,994 infections.

Singapore’s government tightened restrictions on in-person dining and social gatherings in the metropolis on September 27 as part of a stated effort to help reduce transmission of the Chinese coronavirus. In the three weeks since then, the city-state’s coronavirus caseload has mushroomed.

“Singapore reported 1,647 new COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] cases on September 27, the day measures were tightened. By the next day, new cases topped 2,000 for the first time, and have not fallen below since,” CNA reported on October 19.

“A week later, on October 5, the country reported more than 3,000 cases,” the Singapore-based news agency recalled.

The republic’s coronavirus death rate has likewise increased over the past three weeks. Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) reported two deaths from the Chinese coronavirus on September 27. The city-state’s coronavirus death tally “varied in the following days, ranging from two to nine. It crossed into double digits on October 9, with Singapore reporting 11 deaths that day,” CNA recalled on Tuesday.


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