Outrage: Man Filmed Irish Police Break up Sunday Mass. A Week Later, Police Detain Him and Take His Kids.

An Irish citizen named Pat Sweeney who last week filmed Irish police entering a Catholic Church and breaking up a Sunday Mass due to Covid lockdowns. The video went viral and international for obvious reasons.

Ireland has undertaken perhaps the most extreme lockdowns outside of China, including banning on Sunday services.

Just one week later, police raided the home of Pat Sweeney, the man who taped the police. Sweeney reportedly woke at 3:30 a.m. to find his bed surrounded by police. The police said that they’d received a call from someone who was worried about his mental health and they were performing a “health and wellness” check on him. Sweeney once again, smartly videotaped much of the interaction. Sweeney was detained and his children were taken from him.

Amazingly, even as they take his children the police insist that they are treating him with “the utmost dignity.”

Read and Watch the videos at Creative Minority Report

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